Pause and Resume

Most Contact Centres use this technique as part of their compliance process. We make Pause & Resume far more robust by adding speech analytics software. This scans all call recordings, identifying and redacting any card data which has inadvertently been recorded.

Redaction Service

Regulations can require companies to retain call recordings for up to seven (7) years. Older recordings could be from a time before Pause and Resume and thus contain card data. Our service can scan all call recordings redacting card data and leaving the rest of the recording intact.

Pause and Resume

Why Choose ?

Pause and Resume. An attended solution

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No changes

Involves no changes to the existing customer experience and contact centre agents continue to operate as usual

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Deployment cost

Deployment is based on a combination of both a fixed fee cost and transaction cost, based on volume

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Call recordings

All call recordings stored within your existing contact centre can be analysed and any sensitive card data identified is immediately removed to reduce risk of a compliance breach

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Road to being fully compliant

Reduces risk of breach by removing recorded card data, but still leaves both agents and data network in scope.

The Technology

Although Pause & Resume is common place in the industry recent ammendments made to the PCI-DSS guidelines mean that it is no longer regarded as a compliant solution. It should only be used as a partially compliant solution simply used to secure customer call recordings.

We have included it here as we can make Pause & Resume far more robust by adding speech analytics software. This scans all call recordings and removes any sensitive card data.

How does it work ?

Pause and Resume is an Attended Service where the agent remains in contact with the customer throughout the telephone based transaction.

Typically in most contact centres all calls are recorded and stored for later review to assess quality or performance or to retain a record on important transactions. The problem with this is that as a result during any customer payment made over the telephone sensitive card data is also collected and stored in direct contravention of the Payment Card Industry guidelines published in 20111. To solve this problem contact centres wither manually or automatically pause the recording whilst the customer provides the sensitive card data so this information is not recorded.

Manual Pause & Resume relies on the agent manually stopping at starting the call recording at the appropriate time and failure to do so could result in the customer's card data being recorded. An automatic Pause & Resume solution requires integration between the contact centre solution the associated call recording solution the customer payment processing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, this solution is often costly and time-consuming.

The problem with both solutions is that whilst it ensures no customer card data is held on the recording system it is by no means 100% effective and no longer meets the Payment Card Industry guidelines as amended in 2018 as the contact centre agent still receives the full customer card data to complete the transaction.

Whilst no enhancements to any Pause & Resume solution can make it achieve compliance, our Redaction solution will at least ensure that any customer card information recorded in error is found and removed from the call recording storage quickly and easily reducing any associated risks of retaining this data.