Digital Payments

This technology easily converts a telephone based payment into a secure e-commerce transaction. It takes your agents completely out of scope for compliance, all while your agents remain on the call with the customer.

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Why Choose ?

Digital Payments. A dual Attended/Unattended solution

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Modern payments

Ideal for customers who prefer making e-commerce payments instead of telephone based payments.

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Extra flexibility

Supports both Attended and Unattended transactions within the same solution , providing extra flexibility for the completion of customer payments as required .

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Easy to deploy

An easily deployed transaction based solution with little or no infrastructure cost associated with set up

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Requirement for PCI-DSS

Accessible across all customer communication channels including voice, web chat , email and social media as required within a fully secure PCI-DSS approved manner.

The Technology

This solution is both an attended and an unattended solution allowing agents to remain in contact with customers whilst they make payments or alterntively allowing customers to self serve and make payments at a time more convienenint to themselves .

Using this method easily converts a telephone based payment into a secure e-commerce transaction.

How does it work ?

Digital Payments is a dual Attended/Unattended solution

Having the agent available during the payment process enables reassurance and advice to be given, to improve success rates. Callers can be led through the process, with the agent able to monitor activity without being presented with complete card data. Mistakes can be spotted and rectified and refinements to the process made based on agent experiences. If however you wish to provide a self service option to your customers where the agent does not require to present then this solution allows you do this as well

In both types of transactions the process is the same as the customer is provided with a secure e-commerce link via email or SMS to a device of their choice. They can choose to complete this secure e-commerce transaction whilst on the call with the agent or at time of their choosing. The digital ilink provided is a fully secure PCI Compliant method of making payments and has the additional benefit of allowing you to make third party deliveries for any goods or services ordered too an address which is not the cardholders address, whilst still retaining your Merchant protection against card fraud.

The problem with both solutions is that whilst it ensures no customer card data is held on the recording system it is by no means 100% effective and no longer meets the Payment Card Industry guidelines as amended in 2018 as the contact centre agent still receives the full customer card data to complete the transaction.

If the transactions is completed as part of an attended solution then the contact centre agent is advised once the authorisation process has begun and can help guide the customer through the process should any errors occur helping ensure authoristion is completed correctly. Where the transaction is unattended time parameters can be set to ensure that the card holder completes payment within agreed timescales and alerts can be provided where such timescales are not adhered to.

One key benefit of this type of technology when compared to other telephone based solutions is that it can be used across multiple communication channels such as Web chat , Social Media , E-mail in addition to the telephone.